Discover by Skymind

Bulk Data Labeling and Annotation Tool

Discover is a desktop application which enables data scientists to construct large datasets required for model training. Leveraging unsupervised clustering, Discover will plot a latent representation, allowing you to sort, group, and label data by their unique attributes. This labeled data is exportable as a CSV or in the Apache Arrow format.

How It Works:


Successful machine learning models require large volumes of high-quality training data. However, the process of creating the training data necessary to build these models is often expensive and time-consuming. The majority of models created today require a human to manually label data in a way that allows the model to learn how to make correct decisions. Skymind Discover significantly reduces the time and effort required to create datasets for training by leveraging unsupervised clustering to group data by common attributes.

Key Benefits:

  • Build intuition through exploration of data topography.
  • Interactively select, sort, and group plots of data using the Discover GUI.
  • Experiment with multiple unsupervised models to iteratively find patterns.
  • Bulk label and export datasets for model training.