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Detecting Fraud with AI

Building a Multi-Gate Fraud Detection App with the Skymind Intelligence Layer

How can machine learning—especially deep learning—make a difference for your organization? The Skymind Intelligence Layer provides the tools for data science teams to deploy and experiment with new models using live data on the fly.  

Fraud is a multi-billion dollar problem affecting industries ranging from financial services, insurance to telecommunications. In addition to causing financial losses, fraud negatively impacts the customer experience, creating dissatisfaction and injuring the service provider’s reputation.

Using the Skymind Intelligence Layer, we can build a fraud detection framework that can detect known and unknown methods of fraud. By stacking multiple approaches one on top of the other, you can erect multiple lines of defense to surface and prevent a wide variety of fraud.

Fraud is a challenging problem for the following reasons:

  1. Examples of known fraud are rare. This can adversely affect the performance of your machine learning models.
  2. Fraud evolves as fraudsters engage in a cat-and-mouse game with institutions and regulators.

Skymind can help overcome those challenges and transform enterprises into data-driven organizations. 

Key Deliverables:

  • Skymind productionizes machine learning by providing a platform-agnostic deployment software.
  • Built on top of open-source tools, you have full control over the entire stack, from the API to the math libraries running on the hardware.
  • Deployable on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.
  • Existing machine learning models can be ported via Protobuf from TensorFlow, H5 from Keras, and in the future, ONNX and PMML.
  • Built-in connectors to the big data ecosystem.
  • Skymind offers development support and training to ensure that SKIL works optimally.